Welcome to VictorCollier.com

Here at VictorCollier.Com I specialise in older and more fragile wines, precious old dears collected over the years and lovingly preserved against the time when you release their delicate flavours. This represents my private collection and it keeps dwindling as more are sold or I drink them.

I love these wines and it is important to me that they go to people who are likely to enjoy them. For this reason I do not sell online but only after examining your needs on a personal basis. When you tell me what you really love in a wine not only will I be better placed to aid your choice but having tasted many of them I can give a personal insight into what to expect, call me.

As a true wine lover selling rare and venerable old treasures I do not like to post wine. Although this might seem inconvenient the positive side is that it means that when you collect your wine you can inspect it and see what condition it is in. Any wines posted can be broken, stolen or lost and as these are so hard to find I am reluctant to send them.